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1Click Games and Patagonia Entertainment offers a White Label Casino

1Click Games White Label Casino Platform provides access to an exclusive content of Gaming Content provider Patagonia Entertainment. Provider is integrated with 1Click Games Marketing Module and offers a wide range of games including RNG games.

The software in use for the enjoyment of Patagonia Entertainment games comes from the HTML5 software, thusly being able to enjoy bingo over a multitude of devices, be it desktop, tablet and mobile.

They also have special client support to help bring a personalized gaming experience to the user, thanks to their customer designing. Hardcore users of their gaming can benefit greatly from this. Now this is a fantastic attribute and should be hailed for it, but there needs to be further improvements in entertainment values.

Of the 13 games the only real difference is the lush, glossy theme. So there’s no real depth, but that’s something to work on. There’s also no real captivation, but then that’s another thing to work on. It’s just bingo and does it really need to modernize in terms of gaming. Perhaps, the themes themselves could have a role in terms of interaction. Instead the themes are just wallpaper.

If you are interested in adding Patagonia Entertainment White Label Casino to your business, please request a quote on the home page and our company representative will be contacting you shortly.